Hope After Abuse

“Deep Within my Soul” dives deep into the viciousness of physical abuse and infidelity. When the person who is supposed to love you hurt you instead, it’s soul-destroying. Infidelity, verbal, emotional and physical abuse shatters your trust, turns love to hate and destroys your self-esteem.

The after effects of suffering at the hands of your abuser are anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness and other poisonous toxic emotions. You could easily find yourself in a black hole of despair.

Despite that, there is hope after abuse.

“I liked the suggested exercises and could see how these could help those in need of a way to get out of a despairing way of being. The section on forgiveness delivers a hard but valuable message for all those experiencing difficulties in life. It is a message that we all need to reminded of… ”


“Finished your book (I know I read for purpose) I would have put the book down if it was not so easy to read. Loved the way you separated the chapters. The two poems that stood out for me were ‘You Saved me’ and ‘Cant You See’. Like the practical tips too.”


“This book has been great to read. I’m going through a healing process myself and this book has helped me find a way to express my emotions and thoughts. The poems were very powerful and the aspect of forgiveness has truly highlighted me. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.”


“In this book, June shares everything with the reader. It is a long journey that many women have had to face and, because of that I think this book should be read by any woman who have had to face abuse….”



Deep Within my Soul

Why you will

love this book


Healing Through Writing

Writing is a proven healing therapy. It releases toxic emotional pain, anger, frustration or bitterness from your heart.


Heartfelt Love Poems

If love is blind,

How come I can see into your heart?

It’s wrapped around mine,

Suspended in time.


Secret Benefits of Forgiveness

Forgive and free your mind from mental torture. Forgiveness clears negative junk from inside and promotes healing. Unforgiveness breeds sickness in your body.

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